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Setup Opensense Firewall with NAT and HA_Proxy

Step1: Upload OPNSense ISO image to IONOS account.  OPNSense download location https://opnsense.org/download/ IONOS FTP upload instructions https://docs.ionos.com/dcd/administration/images-and-snapshots#uploading-an-image Step2: Build FW instance and windows instance for initial bastion host access Create a single instance for OPNSense of 2 cores 4 Gig RAM 40 gig HDD (SSD is not required as the firewall see OPNSense Firewall

Setup Opensense Firewall with NAT and HA_Proxy2022-02-14T15:47:45+00:00

Send PRTG notifications to Slack

Configuring a webhook to simply allow our PRTG notifications to post to slack. Login to your slack account and add webhook via https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook In the "Post to Channel" section, choose the channel you would like the notifications posted to, or select create to add a new channel Once the channel has been created/chosen, clikc

Send PRTG notifications to Slack2021-11-29T15:52:43+00:00

Migrate Centos 7 from VMWare to IONOS

The steps below will go through restoring a Centos 7 system with software RAID 1 VMWare instance to the IONOS environment. Test from scratch: Create server image on IONOS with just 2 disks Add Cdrom Boot from Acronis rescue image Choose Rescue Media Go to Tools Menu and choose “Volume Representation” change to linux-like

Migrate Centos 7 from VMWare to IONOS2021-11-18T15:35:01+00:00

Send WordPress notifications to Slack

Easily integrate Wordpress events to a slack channel for monitoring and CI/CD integration. Go to slack.com and register for a free account On your wordpress site, add and activate the “Slack Notifications” plugin by dzorski From the WP admin section select the “Slack Notifications” icon Go to slack.com and setup a webhook as per

Send WordPress notifications to Slack2021-11-18T15:38:10+00:00

Web Load Testing

Resources around web load testing.  Click on the individual links to examine each item in more detail. From: https://loadninja.com/articles/open-source-load-testing/ Open Source Testing Tools: Jmeter Taurus Locust Gatling Free Trial Commercial Tools: Github https://github.com/ionos-seth/wp-install Download

Web Load Testing2021-11-16T17:57:43+00:00
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