WordPress Migration to Cloud

Goal:  Migrate a Wordpress Site from a hosted provider to an IONOS cloud instance. Video:  Check out the Webinar where we walk through this process As a reminder, it is always important to test prior to making any production changes. that is why this how to starts with restoring the WordPress site to another

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Install Mysql on Ubuntu Instance

These cloud-init files will download and install Mysql Server onto an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS instance in the IONOS cloud.  The Deploy 1 file should be used if you are getting an IP address via DHCP.  The Deploy 2 file should be used if creating a private network and statically assigning an IP address. Please

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Kubernetes whoami deployment

Using the steps below we will create a kubernetes cluster and worker nodes within the IONOS environment, we will then deploy a simple whoami environment that will take an incoming http request and display information on the incoming IP address and browser. Setup IONOS managed Kubernetes in DCD Login to DCD and go to

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Setup Opensense Firewall with NAT and HA_Proxy

Step1: Upload OPNSense ISO image to IONOS account.  OPNSense download location https://opnsense.org/download/ IONOS FTP upload instructions https://docs.ionos.com/dcd/administration/images-and-snapshots#uploading-an-image Step2: Build FW instance and windows instance for initial bastion host access Create a single instance for OPNSense of 2 cores 4 Gig RAM 40 gig HDD (SSD is not required as the firewall see OPNSense Firewall

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Send PRTG notifications to Slack

Configuring a webhook to simply allow our PRTG notifications to post to slack. Login to your slack account and add webhook via https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook In the "Post to Channel" section, choose the channel you would like the notifications posted to, or select create to add a new channel Once the channel has been created/chosen, clikc

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Migrate Centos 7 from VMWare to IONOS

The steps below will go through restoring a Centos 7 system with software RAID 1 VMWare instance to the IONOS environment. Test from scratch: Create server image on IONOS with just 2 disks Add Cdrom Boot from Acronis rescue image Choose Rescue Media Go to Tools Menu and choose “Volume Representation” change to linux-like

Migrate Centos 7 from VMWare to IONOS2021-11-18T15:35:01+00:00
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